Milwaukee August 2016

It was time, I had a boxfull of pictures of people who weren’t even related to us taken about the 1920’s and thereabouts.  My uncle had informed us who was whom and I’d labeled them.  Then, they sat in my bedroom in that box for years.  Well, I knew I had most of the day to kill until my friend got in on her airplane so I decided, NOW is the time to take that box and rather than throw it away, donate it.  So, here I came to the Wauwatosa Historical Society.  What a BEAUTIFUL house it was too!  They were THRILLED that not only was I giving them these pictures, but many were identified.  My mother’s family was from Wauwatosa so that is why I donated them there instead of Milwaukee, and the friend’s pictures were also from there.14045796_1134404006631766_5770185171358845584_n

We chose to stay at first in another hotel but ultimately in The Pfister Hotel downtown and wow, if you can say 5-star luxury…take a gander at some of these pictures!14102152_1136464146425752_1541708165283238104_n14095809_1136464116425755_8844283843901272462_n

They even had three of these in the lobby:14051583_1136441909761309_1315250554318595562_n14054197_1136445653094268_3650203221507642754_n14102675_1136445619760938_3770094615725914114_n14095853_1136445639760936_7017742708599798534_n14055188_1136445689760931_1273518447263938321_n

The place is supposed to be haunted.  Can’t you imagine someone walking down these steps in all their elegant ghostliness?


I just loved LEO!

Our View:14051590_1136383033100530_5755428233163891448_n14064225_1136383056433861_8060682144151622065_n

The white high rise was once called the FIRST WISCONSIN building and owned by First Wisconsin banks.  Now I think it’s owned by US BANK.  Anyway, back in 1984 I worked in there, and took a few trips up to the top floor to look out over Lake Michigan that you can see in the background.  I worked on the fifth floor for visa/mastercard.  In the days where you had to call in the credit cards and the phone person (me) had to be able to type as fast as you spouted the numbers…10-key was learned very quickly as well as reverse 10-key.  To this day I have that talent.   This is the tallest building in Wisconsin…14067568_1136383103100523_5137044108669424249_n

Fog rolling in14080061_1136383083100525_4366971496484298765_n

The Riverwalk14100256_1135567013182132_5287878264054670029_n

Had the nicest, most romantic meal here..and, the name says it all14141893_1135544276517739_2901353070188639421_n

The hotel comped us this and many other goodies…because, getting locked in your room because the hotel key didn’t work has it’s perks, lol


One of the sites to see, we didn’t go in, but wanted pictures because it WAS funny:


Anyone else find it a little odd that a duck, drinking a beer, should have your kid’s parties booked there?14117839_1136273343111499_6869532019689440711_n

This was in an old German restaurant I had wanted to go to for years.  Mader’s Restaurant.  Hart to Hart anyone?  I still want that red Mercedes convertible…14141655_1136292499776250_476162354184724517_n

Overall, it was a lovely and fantastic weekend, sight seeing, visiting old haunts, even going to the old homestead out near Oconomowoc.  Amazing what has changed in 30 years…


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