This lake is trying to KILL me!

Years ago I was taking a trip up to Lake Superior for an art festival.  I had my SUV packed, the trailer following, and was driving up the middle of Wisconsin before I had to veer over a bit to go around a tip of the lake.  Now, I had been battling T-Storms all up the state but suddenly, a really BAD one blew up…probably due to that ominous lake.  The rain came down so HARD that I had to pull over because I couldn’t SEE!  Then a twister came through, or, at least, it SEEMED like a twister as it TRIED to blow me into that deep lake!  Fortunately my SUV was heavy and the trailer was two TONS of aluminum and anchored me on shore…I really felt the wind blowing against the SUV and trying to blow me into that lake.  I was pretty shaky once THAT passed!2000px-lake-superior-svg

Lake Superior is the BIGGEST of the GREAT LAKES.  It’s also the DEEPEST, has the most VOLUME, yada, yada, yada…I don’t want to bore you with all the details, but, that lake is friggin’ trying to kill me.  I’ve had NIGHTMARES about it’s ominous presence.  It really feels SCARY to be around it.  I’ve seen some of the documentaries on this lake and it’s sure taken it’s toll on ships..some have never been found.


How’s this for a little perspective?lakesuperior-vs-eastcoast

See, it has the most water of ALL the lakes put together and then some!superior-volume

Well, I’ve planned this trip for 15 years, and by-golly I’m going to go on it.  I have been wanting to break in my passport (that I’ve had for like FIVE years) AND I’ve been wanting to mine my own Amethyst at the mines up in Thunder Bay.


So, I’m heading over from North-Central Wisconsin to climb up and hit Duluth and follow this damn lake all along it’s shores into Thunder Bay.  I’m going to a couple of mines so I can find my own Amethyst.  It should be pretty interesting and I hope to have some pretties to show off for the effort.  It’s at least a 9 HOUR drive from where I am and most of it due to that damn lake that scares the heck outta me…it just feels ‘wrong’ and I’ll use it in a book someday, but, for now…we be travelin’!


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