On the road again

I’m finally taking a trip that I’ve planned for FIFTEEN years.  I’m heading up to Thunder Bay, Ontario, CANADA!  I’ve never even USED my passport.


Have to stop at one of my favorite chain restaurants, I’m sure they don’t have these in Canada.  This one is in Superior, Wisconsin and the service SUCKED.  All teenagers and they couldn’t bring me my salad for FIFTEEN minutes?20160911_171555

Who wouldn’t like a chicken salad with walnuts and strawberries?20160911_173149

Going through the bluffs around Lake Superior



I don’t think people realize the ENORMITY of these GREAT LAKES.  And Superior, it’s the BIGGEST of the five!


Need I say more?  This lesbian is HOME, lol  (Noise laws enforced).

Since I was using my passport for the first time, it didn’t surprise me that they stopped me at the border.  I’d heard stories and I was just grateful they didn’t go through my entire car.  I think the guys were bored and just wanted to run a random passport, mine was chosen.  I finally got up to Thunder Bay and if you all were thinking it was a provincial little town, you (and I) were WRONG!  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog about the mine(s) I visited and the trip I decided to take…


2 thoughts on “On the road again

  1. I spent several years living in Duluth while going to college (back in the late 60’s) – so your photo of the skyline drive plaque brought back STRONG feelings of longing. Are the trees turning much yet?


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