The 2nd mine

My new friends from Iowa approached me about the other mines from Panorama, they wanted to see what they could find elsewhere.  It was funny, they thought I knew, and I confided I was going to follow THEM!  Well, with views like this, who wouldn’t want to follow them?  This is the mine road by the way!  That’s Lake Superior in the distance.20160912_11512420160912_115130

The second mine was more in the way of what I had in mind.  They won’t let you down in the actual mine because of safety concerns but they had ‘just’ brought up some fresh stuff to their piles that you can go through.  One bucket is $10 for all you can carry and the second sized bucket was $20.  They had run out of buckets so I gave mine away.  After all, I brought my own AND my own tools.  Thank goodness for the small hand rake which came in VERY handy.  I was also grateful for the steel-toed hiking boots I wore to climb all this:20160912_122121

The purple hues and crystalized looks of these stones isn’t a trick of the light, that’s all Amethyst just laying around for you to pick through.  They even encourage you to break it up THERE and pick and choose what you want to haul out.20160912_122125

I’m going to have to go back and get a bigger boulder I think…sigh20160912_131819

I recommend you bring a pick or a small rake (hand worked well for me).  A chisel and a good hammer.  Hiking boots or steel toed boots are a must.  Safety goggles if you are going to be hammering or chiseling out what you want.  Gloves are a good idea (no nails were broken for THIS femme) Also, bug spray as those black flies are KILLER biters and OUCH…it’s the end of the season here and I got bit only twice but DAMN those suckers HURT.



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