Middle of Nowhere

I drove for HOURS and HOURS and stopped whenever I felt like it.  Scenes like this were sure to capture my attention.  I even took VIDEO of this particular sight.  Be sure to LIKE the video and sign up for my video channel!


What is up with these stores all over?  I saw them in several towns.  One would think that Canadians like their beer!20160913_103112

Is someone trying to tell this lesbian something?  My first blog on this trip had a Beaver sign in it too!20160913_104616

Sometimes you find the darnedest things rusting on the side of the road20160913_10484220160913_10491020160913_105012

I saw these beautiful stone images all along the highway as there is SO MUCH stone and I have to wonder who took the time to make them.  Anyway, to those who made them, thank you, they WERE noticed and this is lovely.

I only got as far as WAWA on my second full day, remember THIS morning I was at the mine, so I’m making GREAT time!  I had wanted to stop in Marathon or White River but didn’t find a hotel that I could ‘stand’ the thought of staying.  In Wawa I got the LAST room and the room, while needing a massive update from the 70’s, was clean and warm.  It was getting a wee bit chilly in the mornings.ctmap

Poor Doc (the name for my SUV in case you didn’t know) was FULL of dust from our travels.  Fortunately, a hard rain happened that night and rinsed her off.  I was dealing with tooth pain from the two operations I’d had in two weeks and frustrated from lack of communication (no phone) and poor internet service.  I finally got enough on line time to soothe my withdrawals.  Stay tuned for my surprise tomorrow!


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