My pretties

You all have been patiently waiting to SEE what I drove ALL THOSE MILES for to mine myself:20160915_182511

I love the pockets of cave-like dark amethyst within some of these stones:20160915_18250320160915_18235620160915_182344

The above pictures were from the second mine, this one below is from Panorama, notice the difference?20160915_182334

I picked up these beauties at the third place I stopped.  I had been leaving the mines and something made me back up and turn in at a hand-lettered sign offering Amethyst.  Good thing too.  There were ‘similar’ pieces like this for about $70, I got EACH of these for $5 a piece!  I don’t know if the man selling them didn’t know what he had, was flirting with me, or what, but I love my bargains!20160915_182311

Chunks of various pieces from the second mine:20160915_182307

I love the secrets this one is going to tell me when I cut into it!20160915_182256

A little further away, same piece as above.20160915_182252

Now what?  You may ask this…I’m hoping to cut a few of these pieces up, some will be polished, and some left in their natural state to collect dust on my shelves or to be given away as gifts.  But I mined them myself and I love what I have here, can’t wait to get the beauty out of them!  If you get a chance to do it, DO IT!  I intend to go back…someday!20160912_131819


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