Onward into Canada

I’m an impulsive traveler.  I don’t like to have a set schedule of being somewhere at certain times.  I like to stop at places on a whim and enjoy myself.  So, after spending half the day at the Amethyst Mines I listened to the couple from Minnesota who were taking the Circle Tour around the lake, I impulsively decided to do that myself.lsct

Now, for those of you who KNOW Lake Superior, it’s a big bad friggin’ lake!   I had come up from Duluth and Wisconsin the previous day and was ‘only’ in Thunder Bay.  I hoped to make Marathon before it got too dark to see anything.ctmap

It was pretty intimidating since I was traveling alone and that lake SCARES me.  But, I have to admit, the adventure drew me onward.20160912_133618-120160912_133627-1

With views like this of the big lake, who wouldn’t want to stop at the sites and take pictures!20160912_140241-120160912_140304-120160912_140309-1

My one and only selfie…and yes, that is Lake Superior in the background.  This hat has an old story.  It’s at least 20 years old, it’s felt, and is darker underneath than on top due to being in direct sunlight on the dash of my SUV for so many years.  Then, it was sitting on a shelf where one of my cats used it as a nest for many years.  I’m still pulling off cat hair.  The pin on the side is a three golden horses running, since I used to wear this riding.  The band was made for me, by hand, by a leather guy at a show I once did.  The hat itself I picked up in Mexico and it was worth every dime, it fits perfectly.20160912_140324-120160912_164756-1

The bluffs are full of HARD rock and they are BEAUTIFUL!  I have to invest in a dash cam for future pictures.  Too dangerous to try and snap a shot with my cell phone.20160912_164914-120160912_165328-120160912_165331-120160912_165334-1

People forget how big this country really is.  I mean Canada is MASSES larger than the United States.  It’s just not as POPULATED in this particular area as the East or West coasts are.  Part of it is because the land doesn’t support farming.  They do harvest trees, I saw the trucks.  I even saw a section where a forest fire had come through at one point.  The young growth was rather profuse with the occasional odd tree about forty feet higher and burnt.

Next blog, more pictures and a mystery….stay tuned!  Also, if you are EVER looking for good reading material.  Check out my website at http://www.kannemeinel.com


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