Day Two (Part Deux)


I can’t tell you enough how much you SHOULD take this trip and hike these trails.  Being in shape helps though, and I am not.  I only got halfway down before my knees and hips said, turn around or you won’t make it back!  But, the pictures I got and the two new friends I made (from WisconSIN yet) were worth it.  Take a gander at these:


My new friends, we chatted a while back up at the cars before walking together for a while.  They got to see all my amethysts, hear about my travels, and they were from Madison, WisconSIN!  How small a world is this or what?  They were doing the circle tour too, only in the opposite direction than what I was.

I couldn’t continue from this point, so I said goodbye to my new-found friends.

Going BACK up!20160913_12301220160913_123033

And the drive continues.  The rock formations were breathtaking, but the hours of driving were long.  I would have stopped more often if I had anyone with me, but by myself, I go long stretches…stay tuned for more!


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