Day TWO, part THREE

I had also wanted to hunt for Diamonds, but beyond the word diamonds on a map, they didn’t have much on the internet.  I abandoned that idea.  Then of course there are Agates.  So I stopped at a beach called AGATE BEACH and began my search.  HERE and HERE are the video’s I took.

I can’t recommend these shoes any higher!img_20141010_154451

They are made for Triatholons so getting them wet was no big deal, my socks and pants leg didn’t agree, so I drove barefoot!  Finally though, I made it to Sault Saint Marie and found this sign:


Damn that bridge was HIGH over the locks that connect Lake Superior to Lake Huron.  The pictures I tried to take didn’t come out too well and I wasn’t going to try any harder to take any.20160913_14465020160913_144624

Once I got through the border, no problem, or so I thought.  I had no real idea of where to turn West and continue on around the lake.  But, I was paying attention to the signs, or so I thought.  I drove 40 miles out of my way (20 going, 20 returning) realizing I was continuing on, on the WRONG lake!  But, to be fair, they do look similar:

I also had another amazing thing happen, my cell phone suddenly started working!  All those missed messages starting pinging in, notifications of emails, etc.  It was kind of annoying after two days of silence!

The south side of Lake Superior doesn’t look much different does it?


I have to wonder if those putting in the railroad tracks 100’s of years ago thought about the view?  I bet they were just after all the iron they could mine out around this lake.  Bet it was a cold job, even on this September afternoon, it was COLD!20160913_180239

Although, you DO see the DARNEDEST things, and, of course, I had to stop to take a picture!20160913_180823

I was in a lot of pain and SICK of swamps, trees, and myself…so I headed south once I hit Marquette, Michigan and got home about 10:30 at night…not bad considering I was in WAWA ONTARIO CANADA that morning!   This is the final tally of my foray into Canada, in  just three days and two nights….1475.8 added!  (That’s miles, not kilometers).20160914_125122

Next time, I’ll bring someone with me to show them in person what I found.  It was a great trip and the emergency surgery I had the next day was worth it.  I’m nearly done and the actual scheduled surgery was a success.  I am now done with all the oral surgeries and will soon be OUT of pain…on to more trips!


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