Still in WAWA, and what town doesn’t proudly show off it’s Canadian Geese!  I think one of them needs a paint job…



These roads leading down to the lake are just so spectacular.  I can’t say enough how well-maintained the roads really were.  Makes for a real pleasant trip.

I was able to eat, gingerly today, which put me in a good mood since my teeth were hurting so.  Not a great idea to take a vacation while I’m healing up from surgery, but hey, a girls gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.  And, with sites like this to see, why the heck not?  Just use a lot of ibuprofen and GOOOOO!


I also made TWO video’s of this particular stretch of the beach HERE and HERE.  That guy in the first video had just taken a ‘bath’ in the lake.  He was traveling around, had the most delicious Canadian accent, was upset at the way I mispronounce Sault St. Marie which is sounded like SUE SAINT MARIE and not SALT….oops.  Anyway, I took some pictures for him of him as he was trying to take selfies with a selfie stick.  He was a little odd but I’m nice that way.  I was careful as he started asking too many questions about me traveling alone.  I keep a knife in my pocket but, one never knows and giving out too much information is always a BAD idea.

I’ll have another blog up in a few hours with the delicious find I accidentally found, stay tuned!


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